cremation services in Meredith, NH

Terms to Know

When you start to make funerary arrangements, it can be stressful to not understand exactly what the different terms mean. You may hear lots of words that you may not be sure about and that can make things more complicated. If that is something that you are struggling with, providers of cremation services in Meredith, NH has some things that you should know before you start making arrangements.


It is important to know if your loved one chose to preplan their services. If they did, you will want to know what options they chose and what they mean to you. You may hear the term burial insurance, and that refers to insurance that takes care of the whole burial. Your loved one may have chosen a revocable trust, which would have allowed them to make changes to their arrangements, or an irrevocable trust, which would not have allowed them to do this. You will need to consider all of this to make certain that you understand if there is anything you have to pay for.


It can be crucial that you know about the different services out there. You may have heard the word visitation but you may not be certain what it means. Visitation is a service where people can greet the family of the deceased and give them their condolences. A viewing is a bit different. A viewing allows you to go up to the casket and say your goodbyes in person. This can be important for many people. Another option you may hear is the celebration of life. It is a kind of service that focuses on remembering the life of the person and not just mourning their death.


cremation services in Meredith, NHThere are also words that deal with urns and caskets that you will want to know about. A catafalque, for example, is the stand on which the casket is placed during the service. You may also hear about columbarium niches. These are places in which an urn can be placed so that you can visit them at the cemetery. Inurnment is another term related to cremation, which means the actual placing of the cremated remains in the urn. Having an idea of what the terms mean can be crucial when making arrangements.


You will want to keep in mind all of these things when planning the funerary arrangements for a loved one. There are lots of options to consider and you want to be sure you know as much as possible about each one. By knowing the meaning of the different funerary terms, you will be able to make the arrangements that you want for your loved one. You can start all of this by reaching out to a Meredith, NH cremation service provider like us. We are ready to ensure that your loved one receives the exact services they deserve. You can stop by our location or you can give us a call now to speak to an expert and learn more about what we offer.