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Misconceptions about Funeral Services

When you start planning the kind of funerary services you want for a loved one, something you need to remember is that there are misconceptions out there. This is especially true about funerals. You may not be sure what you can do with a funeral service or even when you can plan one, so it can make a difference to learn about this. Here are some common misconceptions that directors of funeral homes in Gilford, NH want you to know and consider as you start planning the service.

One misconception people have about funeral services is that you cannot choose to have one if the person you lost was cremated. That is not true. If you want the casket present, you can choose to have the service before the cremation, while if you do not want the casket there, you can wait until the cremation is done and have the urn present. You should not feel limited in what you plan for a loved one, so keep that in mind.

Another misconception you want to know about is that you have to have the service right after the death. This is only the case if you want to have the casket present. If you do not, you can choose to have the funeral service whenever you prefer. This can be important for people who are worried about having to rush to make arrangements after the death of the person and while they are still having a hard time with grief. There is no reason for you to have to rush if you do not want to.

You may also have heard that embalming is required. That is not the case. You can choose not to embalm the person if that is what you prefer. The only time that you do have to choose embalming is if you want to have a viewing or if you want to have an open casket. This can be important to remember if you have a limited budget or if you are worried about chemicals seeping into the ground.

It is also important to know about the misconceptions people have about caskets and coffins. People tend to think they are the same thing, but that is not the case. A casket has four sides and is what is used the most in this country, while a coffin has six sides and is mostly used overseas.funeral homes in Gilford, NH

When you start planning the funeral service for a loved one, you want to be sure that you keep these misconceptions in mind. You want to know as much as possible about the options that you have so that you are not struggling to find the best options. If you want to get started planning the funeral service for a loved one, you can reach out to a Gilford, NH funeral home like us at Wilkinson-Beane-Simoneau-Paquette Funeral Home & Cremation Services. Our team is here to help you with all of the arrangements you need to make. You can give us a call today or you can visit us right now.