cremation services in Laconia, NH

Should You Worry About Your Friend After Cremation Services?

There are a lot of emotions floating around cremation services in Laconia, NH and you know if you are trying to support a friend through the loss of a loved one, they are going to have to face their grief. There’s no room for judgment around the services, but once those are past and you notice certain things coming up with your friend, you might start to worry. Are you valid in your concerns? Here are a few things that should definitely make you worry about your grieving friend.

They Withdraw From The World 

While it’s normal for some people to want to be alone at times to deal with their grief on their own, your friend shouldn’t be alone all of the time. If you notice they don’t want to meet you for coffee or allow you to come over and sometimes they don’t even answer the phone or when they do, conversations are short, you might start poking around. Has anyone else seen them? Are they leaning on someone? If you find the answer seems to be no, you certainly have reason to be concerned.

They Don’t Function Well 

It makes sense that after a hard death, your friend might not have an appetite and they might not sleep much or, on the reverse side, they might sleep all the time. But eventually, those things should level out and they need to be able to function again, even if they are still in pain. If it’s been a week or so and your friend still isn’t functioning, it’s cause for concern. Try to get them to eat when you notice their stomach growling and work on relaxation so they can get some sleep.

They Seem Numb 

When a loved one dies, it can be like you are in a fog. You go through the motions and get done what needs to be done. But eventually, the grief hits and you deal with it. If your friend seems numb to any emotions, it’s not a good sign. You need to address their thoughts with them and consider trying to get them into a grief support group or to a counselor for the aid they need through this hard time.

cremation services in Laconia, NH

Your friend is very lucky to have you watching out for them when they are grieving after cremation services in Laconia, NH. Do what you can to relieve them of burdens by running errands and doing chores. With any hope, your extra help and their grieving process will move along at a regular pace. But grief just doesn’t operate on a time table and if you are concerned about your friend, contact the professionals at Wilkinson-Beane-Simoneau-Paquette Funeral Home & Cremation Services for further grief resources. We want to help support people struggling with grief. Call us for local groups and counselors at (603) 524-4300.