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Can You Donate A Body To Science And Still Have Cremation Services?

Body donations benefit research and education. Increasing organ and tissue donation in recent years has made life-saving transplants possible for more people. It is still possible to purchase funeral homes in Laconia, NH if you plan only on donating organs or certain parts of the body.


How Do I Make Arrangements to Donate my Body When I Die?

Consult your estate trustee as well as your family members. The School of Anatomy offers volunteers the opportunity to fill out a consent form. Next of kin can make donations on behalf of dead people who didn’t consent to them before their death.


Donations Are NOT Always Accepted

In general, donating a body is acceptable, except in some circumstances. Donations can be refused for a variety of reasons. The following are some of the most common.

  • There is an increase in infectious diseases;
  • Accidents or suicides that result in death;
  • To determine the cause of death, a postmortem examination was conducted;
  • Body parts were amputated;
  • Embalming was chosen
  • Loved one was an organ donor
  • It’s been longer than 3 days since the death


What Happens When A Body is Donated?

Our lesson will focus on generosity and altruism. Since they are their first patients, it is possible only to advocate for them as their first cadavers. In order to conduct research and educate the public, bodies must be stored for one to three years. A family plot or a communal plot is used for the burial of cremated remains.


Can My Family Still Hold a Memorial Service?

The celebration of the death of a loved one can bring the family together. Cremated or human remains can be displayed with photos and mementos. Students and medical professionals often attend memorial services at schools. You can also choose to make changes to the services and then donate to the body afterward. You will just need to make sure the body is still able to be donated and that you have not done anything such as embalm it or wait too late to make the donation.


funeral homes in Laconia, NHHow Does a Donation to Science Affect Funeral Costs?

In the event that families so desire, a service may be requested. Alternatively, families may choose not to include the remains of their loved ones in memorial services.

It will be expensive to host receptions, provide food, and rent venues. An after-memorial service can return the cremated remains to the family. Whatever is best for your family is ultimately up to you. When making arrangements, you can consider your loved one’s preferences.


The cost of funeral arrangements can be reduced by donating a body to science. Funeral homes are the only ones that can coordinate government documents and body transfers. Donating a deceased loved one’s body to science may or may not require a funeral service. Choose funeral homes in Laconia, NH to help you honor your loved one. We strive to guarantee your satisfaction with the services provided, no matter what option you choose for your loved one.