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What to Do if You Miss a Service

If you were invited to the service of a loved one but were not able to attend, there are some things that you can do to let the family know that you are thinking of them. You want to be sure that you offer them your condolences in a thoughtful way. Here are some things that providers of cremation services in Gilford, NH want you to know about what to do if you miss a funeral or memorial service.

You can send the family a note to let them know that you missed the service. You can include the reason why that was the case, but be sure not to take up too much time with it since you want to write mostly about the person you lost. You want to offer your condolences and you may also think about adding some memory you have of the person that you may want to share with the family.

Another thing that you can do is send a care package. A care package can offer support and can let the family know that they are not alone through this tough time. A care package can include things that offer comfort to the family as well as useful items like tissues. This can be something that can mean a lot to the family of the deceased and it can also give you a chance to apologize for missing the service.

You can also think about making a donation to a charity in their name. If your loved one had a cause they were passionate about, find a charity that deals with that. Most charities let the family of the deceased know that you have made a donation, but you can also make it anonymous if you prefer that.

Think about signing the virtual guestbook. Most funeral homes will set up a virtual guestbook for the service and this allows people to sign it and leave a message for the family no matter where they are. This can be a lovely way of letting the family know that you were not able to attend and that you have them in your thoughts.

These are all things you want to consider doing if you did not go to the service of a loved one.  cremation service in Gilford, NH You want to be sure that you offer the family your condolences and that they know you are thinking about them. You can do this by sending them a note, by making a donation in the person’s name, and even by sending a care package. To learn more about any of this or any other funerary services, you can reach out to a provider of cremation services in Guilford, NH like us at Wilkinson-Beane-Simoneau-Paquette Funeral Home & Cremation Services. Our team is ready to answer any questions you have about honoring a loved one. Give us a call or stop by our location to learn more about the services we can offer for your loved ones.